Facebook Advertising: Tips & Tricks

Facebook Advertising: Tips & Tricks

As business owners, we all wonder about the inner workings of Facebook advertising, and ask ourselves, what are some tricks to get the most out of it? Lucky for us, Alia Henson, our Digital Marketing Director here at Orange & Bergamot has some answers to our most asked questions that will help demystify Facebook advertising and get us started…


What size does my Facebook ad need to be?

There are different sizes and guidelines for the various types of ads. Best to check out Facebook’s Ad Resource Guide for the latest info.


How long should a video ad be?

“6 seconds is the new 30-second ad”

Everyone has a shorter attention span these days. But you can stitch them together to create a richer narrative. The goal should be to make it quick > quick > quick to keep their attention. And make sure that first 3-6 seconds is attention-grabbing; you want to catch their eye as they’re scrolling through.


What tools do you use to create a Facebook video ad?

Our fave new tool: Adobe Spark! A monthly subscription is just $9.99 and includes stock music and imagery. Get a free trial here.


How long should I let a campaign run?

At the most, 1 month . One caveat: if you’re running a catalog type ad that contains products from a current collection, let that ad run for a month longer, as long as it’s relevant.


How granular should I get when selecting a Facebook target audience?

Insider tip: You actually don’t want to make your audience too granular when creating your ad because Facebook optimizes ads after 50 actions/engagements.  So keep it as broad as you can to hit that 50 mark, then watch how the ad performs differently for you.


I ran a campaign that had great engagement, but no sales. What can I do next?

Sounds like you hit the right audience, but you just need to take them through the next step of the sales funnel. Serve another ad to that same audience that offers an incentive to buy, such as a discount code or a % off deal with a deadline. Be sure to make that call to action clear as day.


Did you know?

*You can use your LinkedIn contacts to create an email list and serve ads to that list on Facebook. Find out how here.


Thank you Alia!


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