June Top 4 Must Read Books and a Questionnaire for Female Founders

June Top 4 Must Read Books and a Questionnaire for Female Founders

Intuitive Being

by Jill Willard

One of my absolute top books on intuition that will help you see the big picture.

I met Jill through my friend Amy Eldon Creative Visions at one her Spark series.

I was so mesmerized by Jill that I interviewed on the EO Wonder Podcast..

If you don’t have time to read her book yet want to tap into the super power of intuition listen in! It’s packed full of incredible wisdom!

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life

by Marilee Adams Ph.D.

The future begins with how we think — which in turn is reflected by the questions we ask ourselves.

Are you a “Judger” or a “Learner” type? You have a choice on which path you’d like to take. Dive in to QT & QB (Question Thinking & Question Brainstorming). 

You’ll be glad you did.

Discover Your North

by Bill Georger

Your personal “true north”, like an internal compass, magnetizes your path and pulls you forward.

Discovering your north means aligning with your purpose and values. It means lifting those around you. it takes discipline and heart.

Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneur journey or leading a large business, Discover Your True North will help you find yours.


by Vanessa van Edwards

Understanding body language is a foundational skill for any entrepreneur.

Captivate – the Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa van Edwards is one of my favorite books on this fascinating topic.

She covers tips on storytelling, using hand gestures to build rapport, recognizing non-verbal cues, decoding micro-expressions and much more!

Want to improve rapport communication with your team? Want to get a read on a room fast? Read on.


Proust Questionnaire

I love questions. For many years, Vanity Fair published the Proust Questionnaire at the end of every issue, each time filled out by a cultural icon.

This questionnaire was crafted by the noted French essayist and novelist Marcel Proust.

The great thing about the questionnaire is how open-ended and revealing it is. The questions are broad, yet personal, and reading the answers feels oddly intimate.

What’s your true nature? Go ahead! Take this version of a 19th century Buzzfeed Quiz!