Steps to Personal Brand Building For Women

7 Steps to Personal Brand Building For Women


What is the first step to take?

Answer the question, “Why do I need a personal brand?”

For personal brand-building, it’s crucial to set clear goals. Whatever you choose, don’t be a copy. It’s a myth that plagiarism doesn’t hurt anyone, and consequences may harm your reputation and bring to naught your endeavors on brand-building. Instead, take the following seven steps.

1. Come up with a legend

The essential detail of a brand is your personal story.

When people introduce you to someone, they choose a single phrase to describe you, which is crucial because it creates an impression in the eye of others. What phrase would you use to describe yourself? To come up with it, try the elevator pitch technique: come up with 20-30 words answering the question about who you are and what is your value.

This exercise is not that simple. Context matters because there lies a far cry between self-admiration and stories bigging up your status. If needed, write a 100-150 word story describing your professional experience and business philosophy.


2. Use communication all out

Makeup, clothes, accessories — all they are elements of the language we use to communicate with the world. Women are more sensitive to reactions from an environment, so they “read” and adapt to them accordingly. But a dress code is not the only way to send your message.


3. Earn your social bankroll

Do your best to earn loyalty so you could build business connections and grow your social network. Remember about basic needs: meeting them can help you get on the right side of virtually any person.

Co-branding partnership is a great tactic to try, too. Workshops, presentations, and webinars with influencers will work for building your brand.


4. Promote efficiently, but gently

Communication channels are many. To promote a personal brand, choose a social network where your target audience lives, update it regularly, tell about your projects and publications, share the information about your professional events, etc.

But make sure to avoid attention-grabbing stunts at such an active promotion.


5. Keep promises

Lie and idle talks are what kills personal brands, so keep promises and meet expectations to develop a reputation of a responsible specialist.


6. Invest in self

In this fast-moving world of content shock, information gets out of date rapidly. So keep on learning, be in steps with the latest trends, remember about personal growth, and analyze and draw conclusions from everything around you.

The more knowledge and emotional intelligence you have, the more valuable your personal brand becomes.


7. Remain true to yourself

Despite orienting toward a target audience, you won’t be happy pretending someone else. A personal brand is about your exceptional traits and strong suits; when remaining true to yourself, you can bust stereotypes and succeed. Gabrielle Chanel did: she had changed not only costume but treatment of women as well.


So, what’s in it for you?

Personal branding is about going beyond the boundaries and searching for non-standard solutions of current needs. Set clear goals, build a professional network, keep on learning and self-improving, don’t be a copy – and you’ll become a brand, yourself.–

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