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August 30th

5 Tips on How Digital Marketing Can Increase Your Revenue

12:30 PM — 2:00 PM
In this 90 minute workshop, we'll be learning how to leverage LinkedIn & explore the big wide world of affiliate marketing. Reach more customers, improve performance and scale! Learn how to reach new audiences, create lifetime value and yes! grow your business! Whether you're a service or product business owner, this workshop is for you! Bonus! We'll also dive into blogging tips and how to write sales copy that actually sells! Sign up today!
June 17th

How to Get Certified

12:30 PM — 2:00 PM
Join Kalika Yap and Jack Ochoa as we review the process, web sites, check lists, and share insider tips and tactics on how the system works so you know where to spend your time and energy on.
May 20th

A Modern Feng Shui Workshop for Entrepreneurs

12:30 PM — 2:00 PM
Best-selling author, Jayme Barrett, will teach simple techniques you need to know about setting up your Space for Success; one that supports you in manifesting your biz dreams and goals faster. Don’t miss out on learning her top prosperity tips for home, office and communal workplaces!

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