How to Build a Flourishing Brand

Secret Circle: Flourish – How to Build a Flourishing Brand

“A brand is a customer’s gut feeling about a product service or company. It’s not what you say it is.” — Marty Neumeier

About this Event

Your brand isn’t just your logo, colors or website.

Your brand is the connection you make with your audience.

This Secret Circle has been designed as a starting point to guide online business owners through the steps that they should take when building their brands online.

You might be a new business owner who wants to get things right from the get go. Or perhaps you have recently undergone a rebrand but you didn’t work on your brand or marketing strategy so these pieces of the puzzle are missing.

This Secret Circle on Building a Flourishing Brand is perfect for you if you:

Are a new business owner who needs guidance about building a brand.

Aren’t sure where to start when it comes to developing a brand strategy

Have recently rebranded but your designer only created the visual elements of your brand.

Join us in this foundational branding workshop if you want to:

1. Get a clear understanding of your business goals and vision.

2. Get to know your ideal client and create a profile from the inside out,

3. Learn how to create a signature offer.

4. Get a jump start on a clear marketing strategy and plan in place.


Oct 06 2020


9:30 am - 11:00 am


2450 Colorado Ave #100, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States


Orange & Bergamot
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