How to Balance the Craziness of Entrepreneurship With Family Life

Many women entrepreneurs are also working moms, but can they have it all with a successful work-life balance?

When it gets tough, remember there are many successful mom entrepreneurs who are also amazing at parenting. But, success and life balance are not achieved by accident. You can learn how to manage your time to gain important traction and feeling like your life is balanced.

Here are the 4 ways women entrepreneurs who are also working moms achieve a successful work-life balance.


Find and Master your own personal efficiency.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be faced with the challenge of juggling a million different items on your to-do list.

Some of these items will be business-related. Some, family. Some, personal. Every day, you’re going to wake up with dozens of people you need to answer, and it’s going to be your responsibility to manage your time effectively.

Stop working against yourself and start developing time management strategies based on your Time Management Personality Type. This helps you use your time more effectively.

Another way mompreneurs can create a better sense of work-life balance is through consistently using apps and digital tools to support their plans. Today, there are hundreds of electronically-assisted approaches to help you manage your time and find your balance.



Restore, renew, relax, and rest

It may surprise you to see this tip as the first on the list but it’s time we flip the triangle of productivity over.

Instead of waiting until you’re tired, disengaged, overwhelmed, resolved and angry with the life you’re living, take steps to find your happy place first. Resolve to quit working and give yourself ‘sunsetting’ time at the end of the day.

Create business hours of operation with a specific start time in the morning and end time each evening to stop working. By creating real business hours, you create boundaries.

Trust me, the excuse “I don’t have time” isn’t real. You have the time. It’s just on you to make it happen. Get up!



Hire, train, and empower other people.

To find your tribe, seek out professional women near you, or find a collaborative business networking group or mastermind. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Or if you live remotely, research virtual professional networks that can help you find others like you.

Social media platforms can be helpful as well. All you need is a personal profile to create a special group and host local meet-up events. When you find (or build) your tribe, there’s no replacing the security and support you’ll receive. Having others ‘in the same boat’ will help you stay accountable for work-life balance that’s attainable.

Smart entrepreneurs, on the other hand, constantly look for opportunities to hire, train, and empower those around them to be successful on their own.


Because this is how you ultimately reclaim more time for yourself.



Dinner with the family isn’t something you cancel.

You hear it all the time, don’t take your work home with you! But as a business owner, it’s not always possible to keep your work and personal lives separate. There will be times where priorities clash between running your business and ‘mom-ing’ your family.

Don’t bring your work to the dinner table, and make time for family time with no electronics. Take hikes, walks, join a painting class, or set aside a night a week for family game night. It will make all the difference.

No matter how busy you feel you need to be, or how demanding your business life gets, just remember that business without family is lonely. Don’t consider them “separate.” Start, right now, thinking about how you can integrate them into the whole picture, no matter what.


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