How to Drive Sales to Your Instagram Shop

Building Confidence

When you develop content and creative that helps your followers get to know your products it makes it easier for them to buy.

Three ways to encouraging purchase:

1. Try on the product and provide styling tips

2. Address sizing and fit.

3. Use questions in stories to address any other questions your customers have.

Get to Know Your Audience

Your Instagram audience’s interests and behaviors will tell you a lot about how best to showcase your products. Test different types of content and products to see which perform best.

Price is only one dimension

With the right audience and strategy, people on Instagram are willing to checkout with high priced items. For higher priced items, create content that builds confidence towards purchase.

Be Consistent

Train your audience to shop your products on Instagram with a consistent cadence and feel to your shopping posts.

User more than one tag when it makes sense

When tagging multiple products in a post consider if it makes sense for them to be purchased together, such as an entire outfit or full beauty look.

Pro Tips:

1. Make sure your product tag is placed in the center of the frame so people can tap. Avoid edges of top, bottom and sides.

2. You can also edit your product name directly in stories before you post.

What formats should I use?

Instagram has multiple formats you can use to share content with your audience.


Your feed is where you build your rand presence on Instagram. And when you create checkout posts in feed, they are surfaced in the shopping channel in Explore to help people shop in a personalized way.


Create scroll-stopping content. Focus on highly visual content that commands attention. If using multiple images, make sure people have the opportunity to shop every image by adding product tags.


Remind your audience they can now buy directly from the post without leaving the app.


Stories are a great way to tell an authentic story and drive interactivity. Use product tags to layer Shopping into great content you already create without being disruptive.

Showcase authenticity

Show the process of designing or creating a product with behind the scenes content.

Encourage interactive with creative tools

Try using polling stickers to get product feedback

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