How to Set up Your Product Catalog on Instagram Checkout

Product Catalog

The Deets:

Product tags

This is how your tags will display on feed media. Users can tap on tags to see the Product Detail Pages.

Product Images

The first image in your PDP carousel will be those you add via Catalog Manager.

Product Details Page

All information for your product is found on the PDP including images, price, size, description, shipping information.

Product Details Page imagery

The first image(s) in your carousel will be those added via Catalog Manager. Media tagged with that product will automatically be pulled into your carousel and feature the source @thehande – which may be your brand or the creators you’ve approved to take your products.

Product Details Checklist

Your Instagram shop page is your storefront. The best shops drive consideration through clear, consistent description Product Detail Pages. If information is missing or inaccurate, it can create a barrier to purchase. Before tagging media with shopping tags, remember these catalog best practices:


Only products with inventory can be sold. To start selling products, update your catalog with accurate inventory counts (so we know when items sell out) and product category codes (for taxes).

Product Names

Keep product names concise and consistent with your web site

Product Description

Include the description of the item, including length, materials, cut and size considerations. For non-US sizes, remember to include size conversion.


For products that need sizing consideration, make sure size details are clear. If a product is offered in multiple sizes, ensure you have inventory for each size.

Shipping Fees

You have the option to set different types of shipping fees, including free shipping minimums, at different service levels. Set your shipping options in Commerce Manager settings.


Make sure the price is accurate and consistent with your web site

Product Catalog Imagery

How to help your products look their best

1. Use clear and consistent product catalog imagery. Present the product consistently with how it is show on your owned product purchase pages. Avoid cropping or resizing images for Instagram so the product is centered and clearly visible against a clean background. Add additional product images by tagging the product in more feed or creator posts.

2. Provide context. Add multiple product images to give people a clearer idea of what the product looks like. Consider showing different product angles, features, color variants, different model size or skin tone.

Product Details Page

When you use a shopping tag in a post, that post will auto populate into your image carousel, adding more visual context to your Product Details Page.

Build a rich Product Details Page by

1. Using Multiple formats.
Video is helpful to show movement, if that’s important for the product (e.g. makeup tutorial or a flowy dress).

2. Encourage creator tagged posts.
Posts tagged by creators will populate into your Product Details Page. By collaborating with creators who align with your brand you can help to increase the visibility of your shop and broaden the diversity of your product imagery.

Tanya Taylor uses video to highlight the movement and flexibility of her dresses, with close up shots of her floral patterns.

Anastasia Beverly Hills creates vibrant product pages by utilizing multiple formats and leveraging creators to tag their products.

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