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How to Use Instagram Checkout

The Instagram Checkout.

We’re well into the shopping season and if you haven’t started utilizing Checkout on Instagram this is a great time to do so!

The checkout feature makes it quick and secure for you (and your customers) to buy the products from your Instagram shopping account without ever leaving the app! All you have to learn is how to use Instagram Checkout properly!

In this article, I will teach you how to Instagram Checkout properly, and how to use it easily.

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The three main steps in using Instagram Checkout on Instagram are:

Step 1

Open Up Shop 

Before you open up your shop, you need to first make sure that Instagram is the right platform for your customers! Next, you’ll need to set up your product catalog and details, add catalog imagery and add media in your product details page.

Step 2

Drive Your Sales 

Before a customer buys they follow a process which in marketing we call “Consideration”. They consider whether or not your product is for them. That entails getting to know your audience, always update Instagram posts, and building confidence in your brand ultimately leading to more sales & revenue!

Step 3

Perfect Your Strategy

The last step to having a successful store on Instagram is to hone and refine your strategy. Most brands don’t nail it right away – and sometimes waiting for perfection isn’t the right thing to do! You need to test, review and iterate. The next thing to do is to always keep up to date with the latest Instagram tools like Shopping with Creators. Lastly, you need to follow successful brands and do Instagram stories. Check out brands like Anastasia and Revolve two brands that have been successful using Checkout!

Opening up Shop

With Instagram checkout you get access to two new sections dedicated to shopping:

1. Your Profile

2. Explore Page

Your Instagram profile is your storefront. You can display your products in eye-catching ways, make an impression and drive customers to browse, consider and buy!

Your shop is powered by your Facebook catalog. Add information about your products like images, descriptions, and prices.

The Explore Page is another way you can find your stoppable posts. Once you connect your Facebook catalog you can tag your pics and videos with shopping tags. These tags will show up on the Explore page and be automatically be pulled in as additional photos on your product’s detail page.

After you’ve opened your shop, it’s now to tell the world!

How to announce an easier way to shop

It’s important to let your customers know that there’s an even easier way to shop for your products. Utilize all your channels to communicate the new shopping post functionality to your customers, do tags products, and always update your Instagram feed. Tell your Instagram audience that shopping checkout is available, and let them know that they can shop without leaving the app.

Pro Tip

Checkout is only available in the US. When your customers outside of the US taps on the Shopping tag, they will be directed to checkout on your web site. If you have an audience outside the US, it’s important to let them know.

Check out the next article to see How to (Properly) Set Up your Product Catalog on Instagram!

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