Your responses to this questionnaire will enable us to better understand your project, and goals. We will use this information to prepare a proposal that suits your specific needs. Please rest assured that your responses in no way obligate you to select Orange & Bergamot for your project. Thank you for your time!

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Website-Specific Questions

Please respond to these questions if this project involves web design or development.

What should the website contain and/or showcase?

Who designed your current site (if applicable)?

Why are you seeking to change/update the site?

Will any of the current site's content (images, copy, etc) be reused? Please specify.

What Content Management System (CMS) do you prefer?

Will you be sending out promotional/marketing materials such as emails or newsletters?

Where will the site be hosted (on what server)?

Would you consider hosting with Orange & Bergamot?

Social Media Marketing

Are you interested in Social Media Marketing for your project?

Time Frame and Budget

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