The Boss Briefs

March 30, 2020

Anyone for Seconds?

Hello Boss! The entrepreneur will not be at work today. She has silenced her slack...
March 23, 2020

Change is gonna come

Hello Boss!  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 21 years and have gone through two recessions...
March 16, 2020

Flattening the Nerve

Hello Boss! I’m not usually one to freak out but I’m probably (like you) worried...
March 9, 2020

On Purpose

Hello Boss! What’s the meaning of life? Why do some people know what they want...
February 28, 2020

Beyond Resilience

Hello Boss! The first time Hercules faced the Hydra of Lerna (the serpentine water monster...
February 14, 2020

All the Right Moves

Hello Boss! Most of the woman entrepreneurs I know are extremely capable and diligent. They’re...