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Strategic Toolbox

Instagram is at the intersection of community and culture and so are the best marketing strategies for Instagram shopping. Try aligning with cultural moments, collaborating with the creators people love or creating your own brand moments to engage shoppers.

Shopping with creators

Drive discovery with new audiences and inspire people to shop.

Product launches

Build excitement through exclusive launches on Instagram.

Align with Culture

How to capitalize on cultural moments

Identifying what cultural moments matter to your brand and to your audience, then creating shopping content relevant to those moments.

Cultural moments aren’t just tentpole events – exciting things are trending every day and you can take advantage of all moments, big and small for a holistic strategy.

Pro Tips

1. Plan (way) ahead 

Proactively plan both your products and the content promoting them around cultural moments you define as important.

2 Be Nimble

Don’t be afraid to create your own cultural moments that people can rally around and get excited about, as important.

Success Story

The NFL capitalized on draft day by posting players in their new teams’ hat as draft pics were announced. Followers were able to celebrate their team’s pics by buying these special editing hats to commemorate this exciting moment.


NFL used simple but strong CTAs in the caption (“Tap to Shop”) to drive urgency without distracting from the cultural movement itself.


Aligning with a cultural moment relevant to your brand or product can reach audiences in an authentic way and rive incremental sales.

Discover Shopping from Creators

How to use Instagram’s collaboration tool

A feature exclusive to checkout businesses that lets creators tag specific products in a post allowing people to shop inspiring looks from the creators they love without leaving Instagram

Reasons to try it

1. Tap into culture

2. Drive discovery with new audiences

3. Inspire people to shop

People You Should to Consider To Give Access

1. Creators you’ve worked with on brand campaigns

2. PR/Gifting List

3. Publications you work with

4. Friends and Family of the brand

5. Employees (Founders, Creative Directors, Key artists or stylists associated with the brand)

Getting Started 

1. Update your product catalog so that all of your products are available on your shop profile.

2. Build out your approved accounts list with creators that have access to your brand.

3. Highlight the products in your Product Catalog that you want creators to promote.

Pro Tip

Highlight new products0

Add products that you aren’t get tagged in a post to your suggested product list, so that creators can tag them.

Success Story

To make the most of their existing partnerships Revolve brought 80 creators to Mexico to collaborate on creating stoppable brand content. Revolve was able to deploy this content throughout their campaign, maintaining a steady flow of stoppable branded content.


Revolve brought 80 influencers like Aimee Song on a summer getaway for #RevolveSummer to create content and drive discovery for their brand.


Education is key. Give your creators tutorials so they know how to tag products ahead of your big moment. Pin suggested products for participating creators so it’s easy to find the products you want them to tag

Pro Tips

1. Be Strategic

Shopping from creators shoe be one component of rich multi-channel campaign for your brand. Some creators may drive sales from your posts, while others may drive brand awareness or help with product positioning. Try different types of creators, bigger and small, to learn which strategies work best for your brand at each stage in the marketing funnel.

2. Harness your creators’ superpowers

Creators know their audience and style best – lean on creators’ expertise to create visuals and captions that feel authentic to the. Provide guidance, with room for them to apply their own creative lens.

How to Plan a Product Launch

Generate buzz around a new release

A product launch is a strategy built around releasing a product on Instagram at a specific moment. A strong product launch strategy encompasses pre-promotion, audience education, and creator partnerships to build exciting among followers.

Reasons to Try

Leverage urgency to drive sales.

Create your own cultural moment.

Build a community of brand evangelists.

Pro Tips

Make it IG Exclusive

Launching a product or offering exclusive to IG funnels purchase intent into a single channel and drives urgency knowing there is a limited window of opportunity to purchase.

Tease early

Some product purchase decisions require more information and should have a longer pre-launch promotion than others. Higher priced products, multi-piece collections and varying size options all require additional consideration time.

Clearly Communicate

Ensure that all promotional channels tell people where,

when and how to purchase the product being launched. Include timezone specifics, purchase restrictions and any other details people need to know in order to purchase.

Collaborate to create.

Partnering with a creator to launch a custom product allows you to feed off of the type of two fanbases – yours and theirs.

How to Launch a Product on Instagram:

1. Choose your product. Select a product that you are able to release at a specific time at a specific day and time.

2. Build anticipation. Leverage all of your channels (feed posts, Stories, creators) to tease the product and features before launch.

3. Educate your audiences. Make it easy as possible for people who are new to Checkout to purchase your product. Show them how to entire their credit card information early so they can buy quickly and easily at launch.

4. Consider your inventory. Prior to launching, your product, consider the amount of inventory you have set aside for IG specific purchases. If inventory is limited, be sure to monitor sales closely to ensure fulfillment.

5. Launch loud. Utilize the hype and excitement around launch day to create content about the release.

Success Story

Anastasia Beverly Hills collaborated on an eye palette with beauty creator Jackie Aina, and launched the product exclusively on Instagram for 24 hours before making it available elsewhere. By partnering up with a popular creator, making the product Instagram exclusive, and creating lots of content teasing the product before launch ABH drove urgency among consumers and had a successful product launch.


Jackie teased the product for 5 days leading up to launch with a multi channel strategy across her YouTube channel and Instagram via feed posts and Stories. ABH also sent the palette to 1000+ other creators to drive excitement around the launch.


The Jackie Aina x ABH palette Instagram launch sold out in 3 minutes and drove a halo effect in online sales for the brand.


Partnering with popular creators on IG-exclusive products drives excitement and demand among people and can lead to higher than average conversion rates.

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