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Reading List: Become The Ultimate Brand Boss


Inspiration and knowledge can come from an array of sources like taking classes, traveling, and meeting new people. One way we love to expand our own knowledge about business and entrepreneurship is by reading tips from experts. Our list of must-reads covers topics like the importance of branding, why some companies succeed while others decline, and how to achieve a work-life balance. Make sure to add these insightful books to your reading list.

“Good to Great” by Jim Collins

Learn why some companies fail and others succeed and what you can do to start out strong from the beginning.

“Ted Talks” by Chris Anderson


Discover how to be as strong of a public speaker as your favorite Ted Talk presenters.

“Fascinate” by Sally Hogshead

A full guide on how to capture the attention of your desired audience in cluttered world.

“Mindset” by Carol Dweck

Find out how changing your attitude can truly benefit your business.

“The Brand Flip” by Marty Neumeier


This book explores how to transform your company to sell meaning rather than products and services.

Happy reading!


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