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Uncover Your Personal Brand Archetype for Job Search Success

What’s Your Personality Archetype?

The following are descriptions of my 12 personality archetypes for women. To discover which one you most closely identify with, take this online quiz to determine where you fit

Once you know your archetype, use the tips below to determine the specific Do’s and Don’ts for your personality to help you identify fulfilling opportunities in your job search.


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1. Mavens

Our teachers—virtuosos in their respective fields. They are fulfilled by sharing knowledge with others.

• Do: Seek opportunities where you get to share skills and tips with others. Host virtual seminars that teach new skills, especially skills you want to add to your portfolio. When you teach, you gain a stronger understanding of the subject matter, which could be useful in your future career.

• Don’t: Go off-script. The world has changed considerably: Choose topics wisely and teach gently. For example, teaching tips for how to generate traffic in a retail store during this era of social distancing hits a sour note. Pivot your message accordingly.


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2. Brilliants 

Our intellectuals, constantly observing and analyzing the world around them. Show them the data and facts but spare them the emotional sideshow.

Do: Use your fact-checking, logical nature to your advantage. Research industries that are growing now, such as distance learning, business outsource services, and eCommerce, where you could reposition your skills to meet demand.

Don’t: Assume that you know everything about the current job market. Now is the time to put aside former assumptions and face your job search with a beginner’s mind. Don’t close any doors—be open to exploring every option. A bit of humility goes a long way as we all accept that there are more unknowns than ever before.


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3. Originals

Our creatives who see the world through their playful imagination. Whether it’s to improve others’ ideas or dream up something never seen before, they are eager to share their gift.

Do: Explore your creative self: Think about what you loved to do as a kid. If you’re a closet singer, actor, or artist, spend this time nurturing your creative streak. Check out YouTube videos related to your interests and learn how others have marketed and monetized those skills.

Don’t: Fall into the trap of thinking you can’t make a living as an artist. Find the biographies of others in artistic careers and peruse their paths to dispel the myth of the starving artist. You may just find inspiration to begin a similar journey to success.


woman with blonde hair4. Idealists

Our eternal optimists who exude infectious positivity. They are visionaries who see all the good in the world and what could be.

Do: Establish and adhere to a set schedule daily that includes job-hunting as a core activity. Revamp your resume and commit to a disciplined job search where you rely on your intrinsic motivation—rather than prompts from others—to fuel forward motion.

Don’t: Go with the flow. Your overly optimistic nature can lull you into complacency. Don’t procrastinate: We’re going to be in this economic mess for a while, so you must take positive, actionable steps each day toward finding gainful employment. Start now!


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5. World Changers

Our innovators, advocates, and change agents for good. They push beyond what is and create electrifying change in the world.

Do: Work your network. Use your exceptional ideas and community connections to identify opportunities where your skills are needed. Seek jobs in areas and organizations with a purpose-driven mission where you can affect the changes that drive you.

Don’t: Despair if you can’t change the world in a day. Progress is achieved through incremental steps. If your job search doesn’t bear fruit immediately, consider the option of volunteering to prove your prowess and expand your network. People will notice your strong potential.



6. Explorers

Our journeywomen. Their enthusiasm and curiosity guide them to forge new paths.

Do: Learn a new language or a new skill that may help you pursue a new career path. Why not search the job listings in other cities of interest? Leverage your love of flexibility and freedom—not everyone is comfortable in jobs that make them uncomfortable, and that’s one of your unique strengths. Work it.

Don’t: Give in to your impulsive nature. Consider each job opportunity with a blank slate and spend time analyzing how it may fit with your current circumstances. And don’t forget that your action-oriented nature grows restless when immersed in routine and repetition.  

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7. Heroines

Our rock stars. They’re head-turners in a crowded room. The kind who others look to and admire.

Do: Look for opportunities where you can benefit others. Your high-energy, action-based nature may be a good fit with high-profile first responder positions including police and firefighters. You command attention and crave immediacy: Seek opportunities that satisfy those aspects of your persona.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask for help. Though it’s not in your nature, seek advice from someone you admire and leverage your network for tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to land your dream job. During job interviews, temper your aggressive nature. It’s ok to be assertive, but channel self-awareness to match the tone of the room.



8. Leaders

Our go-getters. Always chasing perfection and seeking to do their best, they feel at peace when they’re checking off items on their goals list. The get-it-done types.

Do: Consider starting your own business. You’ve probably known for a long time that you’re not happy working for someone else. Now is the time to explore other interests and options. Determine your core values and identify an entrepreneurial track that aligns.

Don’t: Do it all alone. Find a group or program that coaches entrepreneurs to help build your skillset, and start gathering your team. After all, leaders need people to lead. As the oft-quoted African proverb states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”



9. Rebels

Our challengers who question everything. They go against the grain.

Do: Leverage your natural skepticism to dissect opportunities. Be sure they fit your need for setting your own schedule and making up some of your own rules. (Hello, sales!) Once you pinpoint where you want to work, channel your hard-working and energetic nature to set new company productivity records.

Don’t: Accept a position with an organization that runs on structure and order but skimps on flexibility. Not everyone shares your joy in shaking things up and taking risks, but when you find a compatible position, the sky’s the limit!



10. BFFs

Our trusted allies and wing-women. They have our backs, no questions asked.

Do: Look for a collaborative environment where you will have emotional support. You thrive in conditions where loyalty is revered, and you can nurture strong relationships and build trust. You’d rather cooperate than compete, so look for opportunities where you serve as a connector.

Don’t: Go into a cutthroat industry that’s more about KPIs and numbers than relationships. You value organizations that recognize how much more you have to offer than just numeric goal achievements. Stay true to your need for deep connections.


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11. Gems

Our nurturers. They are our security blankets, taking care of everyone with love and support.

Do: Search for jobs in caretaking roles, and explore how those are evolving in response to recent events. You have a strong gift for offering emotional support, so explore opportunities where that gift is valued. Consider volunteer roles to fulfill that need and build your network. 

Don’t: Don’t overlook your call to contribute and nurture others. You need to work on the people-side of whichever industry you choose. And don’t spend so much time fulfilling the needs of others that you forget to take care of yourself: Self-care is not selfish!



12. Charismatics

Our fun-lovers. Their humor and positivity are infectious to be around.

Do: Use humor and charisma to talk your way into new opportunities. Your wide-ranging appeal and positivity are a natural antidote in tough times, but you must possess the substance and skill to back them up. Take some classes to build your skillset during lulls in the job search.

Don’t: Laugh failures off. The job market is highly competitive and you can’t fake it ‘til you make it. Charm won’t take you everywhere you want to go without the knowledge and skills to back it up. If you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Learn from your mistakes so you can win the next round!


Want more?

I hope these 12 personality archetypes will help you better understand who you are so you can find your path to new happiness and career success. Once you accept who and where you are, you can choose to thrive there or make a positive change.

If you’re interested to learn how the 12 personality archetypes translate to the business world, check out Little Brand Book.


Photos By: Anna Shvets

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