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8 Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome

Fear is a fundamental part of human psychology. Our brains are wired to feel fear because it helps us avoid a calamity; it keeps us safe. In this article, I will discuss the Fears Every Entrepreneur Must Overcome.

But fear can also hold us back — if we let it. Fear feeds on fear, meaning the more we try to avoid something we’re afraid of, the bigger and deeper our anxiety grows. To overcome this, we must face our deep-seated misgivings and worries. We have to acknowledge our fears and find ways to move beyond them.

So let’s talk about the different fears you face and how to overcome them.


1. Fear of failure.

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If we fail, we believe that all those who doubted us will have been right. Instead, ask yourself these two things: 10 years from now, will you regret not taking this opportunity? And if you do fail, what will happen?

We all fear failure. It’s completely normal, especially when you’re running your own business. But here’s the thing: even if your business fails, it isn’t the end of your world. You can always start a new business or get another job.


2. Fear of Being Criticized

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Nobody enjoys being criticized. Having someone say that they don’t like the work you put your all into or they disagree with your opinion isn’t a nice feeling. But when you put yourself out there and start putting out signals to attract your ideal customer, you’ll start gaining traction and recognition, you’ll also attract some people who don’t agree or resonate with what you’re doing.

You just have to keep putting yourself out there and have faith that they’ll find and connect with you.


3. Fear of the unknown.

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The unknown will certainly lead to a change of some kind. It might lead to success but could just as easily lead to failure. When you understand what drives success in your business and you feel confident in your business model and prep work, you’ll feel more assured when you step into unknown territory.


4. Fear of change.

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Fear of change makes us anxious about the future, and this will certainly lead to a closed mindset in which we fail to make adjustments or anticipate what’s coming next. You can’t avoid change forever. No matter what stage you’re at with your business, you’ll have to find ways to embrace and harness innovation and advancement.


5. Fear of having no clients

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Every business owner’s worst nightmare. No clients = no money coming in = failure, right? Wrong.

Firstly, when you start out it will take time to get clients. People have to know, like, and trust you before they’re willing to part with their money, and that takes time. So if you’ve built up a huge business launch and now all you’re hearing is crickets, don’t be disheartened or feel like you’ve failed. It’s completely normal.

Evaluate how your business works at the moment and if there are any areas that no longer work or align with your goals, change them. you can also use this free time to complete all the little tasks that usually get pushed to one side when you’re busy.


6. Fear of taking risks.

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Every time we take a risk on something, we’re putting ourselves, our business, and our reputation on the line. A risk can pay off with amazing success, or it can lead to a downward spiral and failure. But there is an important difference between dangerous, unmitigated risk and thoughtful, calculated risk.

Dangerous risk-takers are like gamblers, betting it all on something that isn’t proven. With a calculated risk, you have strategized each step of the way. You move incrementally toward your goal, carefully assessing your level of investment and overhead until you’re assured your business will support more. Calculated risks are key to every success.


7. Fear of disappointing others.

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No one wants to let their people down. Who doesn’t want to impress their friends, colleagues or loved ones? We want to live up to expectations and make sure we’ve met everyone’s requests. But as an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to carve your own path.

You have to focus your time and energy on the things that matter to you. If you don’t go after your dreams, pursue your goals and build a life you are passionate about, you’re letting yourself down. Decide what your purpose is and go after it. Don’t push aside your own ambitions in a quest to keep everyone else happy.


8. Fear of being wrong.

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Most entrepreneurs are competitive by nature, so it makes sense that many of us would fear to make mistakes or to seem less than perfect. Overcoming this fear requires you to tackle your ingrained sense of perfectionism and learn to be comfortable with the fact that everyone, even you, will get it wrong sometimes.

It’s important to recognize that mistakes happen because we did something, we took action, we made a leap. Maybe it was a misstep, but making a mistake is better than doing nothing at all — that only leads to indecision and stagnation. So don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Recalculate and keep pressing on.

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