Kalika shared some tips on how to conquer Covid 19 anxiety

Coping With Covid-19 Anxiety

You can’t control events, but you can control how you respond to them. One proven technique to try. How are you coping with Covid 19 anxiety?

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Kalika Yap, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member in Los Angeles, is the founder and CEO of both Orange & Bergamot, a creative agency for female founders, and Citrus Studios, a branding, and design agency.

She’s also an author and the host of  EO Wonder podcast.

On a recent live-stream episode of the podcast, Kalika interviewed Brian Shiers, a senior mindfulness teacher for the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center and a psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-based interventions, about techniques to cope with the global pandemic.

Kalika shared some highlights:

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Unless you’re old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis or the Great Depression, Covid 19 is likely the worst global calamity you’ve experienced.

As a result, you’ve likely noticed some stress-based reactions.

Maybe you’re having trouble concentrating, or you’re binging news, Netflix and junk food.

Some people even wake up at night to a wall of worry.

Mindfulness coach and therapist Brian Shiers has strategies to help you cope with the pandemic’s emotional fallout.

Shiers started meditating when he was 25, and he was among the first practitioners trained at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.

He works with individuals and companies, including Salesforce, Disney and Nestle.

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