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Little Brand Book — Kalika Yap

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We believe that to be successful in today’s world, you need to be authentic to who you are, and aligned with the right audience. In an oversaturated marketplace, you can then build trust, and ultimately, brand devotion.

But in order to be authentic, we need to first figure out who we are and what we do best. This is where The Brand Code fits in. Every brand we’ve come across in our combined 30+ years of branding fits into 12 core brand personalities. Once you identify yours, you’ll know how to work it in your own unique way.

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Kalika Yap

Kalika Yap is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author. She’s best known for inventing the Luxe Link purse hook. Kalika has spent the past two decades empowering entrepreneurs to change the world by providing them with business and branding services as well as through her work with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Her creative agency, Orange & Bergamot, focuses on female founders to help one million female entrepreneurs make $1 million in revenue. She’s a wife and mother of two entrepreneurial girls. Find out more at



The Brand Code is based upon 12 core archetypes that every brand fits within. Your individual brand archetype is a mix of TWO of these core personalities — your most prevalent core archetype (your “major”) and your second most prevalent (your “minor”). Within this framework there are a total of 144 brand archetypes; we’ll unlock yours on the following pages.


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Understanding branding is the first step to growing a $1M+ business.
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As a young businesswoman, Kalika had to adapt as the world of marketing and business evolved around her. Here, she shares her own story — how she learned to consider archetypes while marketing, why she wrote Little Brand Book and how you can incorporate better branding strategies in your own business.

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