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I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it.
It would be lovely for you to watch these videos that Orange and Bergamot recommended for you.


The Science Of Likability

Use these 5 science-based tips to increase your likability and become more memorable. In this video, Vanessa is going to teach you how to become more likable so you can be more successful and influential.

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“Likability is the greatest predictor of popularity and social acceptance in a group for adults, more important than wealth, status or physical attractiveness.”

How to build $100 million dollar brands and creative disrupt industries.

How do you build up brands worth millions? It starts with disruptive innovation, changing the game fearlessly. While there are many ways to make your mark in the industry, in this talk Miki Agrawal challenges us to think disruptively and creatively with her outside of the box approach.

“I didn’t come this far. To only come this far.”

How to stop screwing yourself over.

How do you get on the road to being happier? Start by setting your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual and not hitting the snooze button. The effort required to leave that warm bed and enter the world is the same amount of effort needed to shake up your life and make that elusive change. In this humorous and provocative talk, Mel Robbins explains how turning off our brain’s autopilot and demolishing our comfort zones is key to a rewarding life.

“You are a brilliantly moving tour de force.”

For Good.

The women who started it all return with “For Good.” Watch the newest installment in WICKED’s Out of Oz series!

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“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”

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