The Jewel of Silence

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What is The Jewel of Silence?

We live in a world that’s full of noise.

Even when no one is talking, our head is a constant hum of thoughts, a continuous buzzing of beliefs.

When we try to have a conversation with someone, it’s often difficult to hear, let alone listen, because our mind is full of our facts.

We’re ready to respond.

We’re reeling to react.

What we all need, is silence.

Silence from within allows for space from without.

The Jewel of Silence.

Before we can truly listen to others we need to first open up space to truly listen to ourselves.

We need to take time each day to listen deeply with compassion at the deepest call from our hearts. The things inside that are quietly and patiently trying to be heard.

We need to take time each day to listen deeply with compassion at the things inside that are quietly and patiently trying to be heard.

When we look deep in ourselves, we bring coherence between the three treasures: our mind, our body, our spirit.

This harmony from within unlocks a treasure chest full of gladness, freedom, and ease.

When we feel relaxed, light, and free — we open up a spaciousness that’s available to others. We offer our most precious gift, our presence.

We start to receive questions and invite deep responses.

Deep listening leads to clarity. Clarity leads to an understanding of others, peace, and joy.

The Jewel of Silence is at the heart of the happiness we seek.

As we cultivate silence, this gem — this jewel begins to also appear as wisdom, and intelligence, intuition, and insight.

We can carve out little moments of spaciousness for two minutes, drinking a cup of matcha tea, watching the clouds move, feeling the breeze against our skin.

What do you do each day to live happily in the here and now?

How do you cultivate silence?

Do share!


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