10 Powerful Women Share Their Best Advice

10 Powerful Women Share Their Best Advice

Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This piece of advice from one of the world’s most famous fashion designers (among other tidbits) is as inspirational today as it was when she launched her first perfume in the 1920s.

These 10 powerful women learned the ropes of their chosen profession, raised families, and mastered the art of balance. Here’s the best advice you can take from them.


Heather Thomson

President and Founder of Yummie Tummie; Star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of NYC

“Embrace your flaws as much as your features. You are a full package and no one sees just one part. At the end of the day, if you can’t love what you consider to be your flaws, then you have to make an effort to change them.”


Cindy Barshop

Founder and Owner of Completely Bare Hi Tech Spa

“Strive to be the best you can be. If you participate in a charity, then don’t just donate. Get involved and spend time with those who need it most. Internal motivation is key, because if you’re not pushing yourself, who will? Also, embrace change. Most fear it, but it’s a beautiful thing. When I was working at IBM in my early 20s, I was making great money and exceeding all my sales goals. But I had a gut feeling that I could do so much more and provide a service to change women’s lives. With big risks come greater rewards and the chance to make a difference.”


Patti Stanger

Founder of Millionaires Club International; Advice Columnist for www.PattiKnows.com; Star of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker

“The secret to being a successful woman in today’s market is to walk to the beat of your own drum, listen to your intuition, and always follow through. If you plan on taking on a partner, follow the three C’s rule, which also applies to find a mate: communication, compatibility, and chemistry…for without that, your venture won’t succeed.”


Gina Bianchini

Founder of Mightybell and Co-founder/Former CEO of Ning

“Success in business is passion combined with fearless execution. The most successful people I know focus on the things they can control and perfect the details.”


Lisa Bloom

Celebrity Attorney; Founder and Managing Partner of the Bloom Firm; Legal Analyst for Avvo.com; bestselling author of Think and Swagger

“The best advice I can give can be summed up in one word: Read. Don’t be one of the 80 percent of people who didn’t read a book last year. Reading is mental fitness. It is a workout for your brain. You just cannot get enough intelligent information without a steady diet of written articles, commentary, and most importantly, books. Readers do better in school, earn more money, are better citizens, have happier personal lives, and are more actively engaged in the world around us. Books get our minds out there, into the world of ideas, and where our brains go, our bodies follow.”


April Zangl

CEO of HydroPeptide

“I tell others that no matter what obstacles you faced growing up, with discipline and a positive attitude, you can create the life of your dreams. I came from a very poor background and worked 70 hours a week as a full-time college student, and now I am a happily married mother of two, marathon runner, and CEO of my own skincare line.”


Pam Alabaster

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Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Sustainable Development & Public Affairs of L’Oréal USA

“Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement. Commit yourself to advance your knowledge, skills, and expertise. The business environment is quickly changing, and your understanding of the leading practices, thinking, and emerging tools will help you manage for better results. Be a lifelong student.”


Alana Feld

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Executive Vice President of Feld Entertainment, Inc.

“Always follow up to build relationships. Send a note or an email after meeting someone new, and remember details like if someone just got married, if they have children, moved recently, etc. People like to be congratulated on life events and asked about their family, so it is a great way to connect with people and make yourself more memorable.”


Gail Warrior

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CEO and Founder of The Warrior Group Construction

“As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I often get asked about how I deal with that issue. I respond that the barriers for women in business are much less today than even 10 years ago. And even if being a woman in your business sector may be an issue to some potential customers, don’t let it be one to you. In business, you set the tone by being a competent professional, so you establish yourself as someone qualified to get the job done and let that speak for itself. I truly believe women are natural leaders and entrepreneurs. So grow your business based on your skill sets and your brain! As women, we have a lot of both!”



Tiffany Krumins

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EO/Founder of AVA the Elephant Brand (as seen on Shark Tank)

“Running an international company, fighting cancer, and raising a child can consume your every second! It was crucial to me that my diet did not suffer; after all, I have learned that the proper diet can prevent my cancer from coming back. I decided I would need to get six servings of fruits and vegetables in one meal, first thing in the morning! I use a single-cup blender and blend: 1 banana, 2 cups of spinach, 2 cups of kale, blueberries, strawberries, carrot juice, flax seeds, organic whey protein, and almonds. It tastes delicious and I love knowing my day started with so many nutrients and antioxidants!”




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