BFF Case Study



Who doesn’t love a good Target trip? From young adults and busy families to kids searching for the perfect toy on which to spend their allowance, Target has something for everyone. You can’t get out of there without spending $100 or more.  So how do they create such loyal customers? What’s more, their consistent branding makes them an easy company to trust. 

But how does a business with over 1,800 stores remain reliable and comfortable for shoppers? Here’s how Target is the ultimate BFF. 

  • Some of Target’s commodities (like apparel or specialty snacks) may follow trends, but ultimately, their brand is enduring, evergreen and seasonless. It’s why their stores, website, and shopping bags remain a clean and simple red and white—the brand doesn’t have to change with the seasons or change for whatever’s hip and cool at the time. 
  • Target is family-friendly. Most stores offer a small variety of different shopping carts that make it easier to shop with kids. The stores are a breeze to navigate. Target’s wide variety of products appeal to customers of all ages and lifestyles, making it a one-stop shop for just about anyone.
  • Target explicitly strives for diversity and inclusion for employees and guests. As a result, their stores are comfortable, relatable spaces for people from all walks of life. They’re trained in customer service, always happy, smiling, friendly.  
  • Whether online, in-store, or in the mobile app, Target provides a simple, no-stress shopping experience. 
  • Through price matching, Target REDcards, and in-store coupon search with the Target mobile app, Target offers opportunities for customers to stick to their budgets, always keeping the customer in the forefront of their minds
  • Target’s guest services department consistently makes returns and exchanges a breeze thanks to the company’s reasonable return policy, instilling a sense of transparency, trust and loyalty [or something to this effect, like they believe in long-term customer relationships, not the quick sell]
  • The store layout is always consistent no matter where you are in the country. A Target customer always knows what to expect when they walk through the door. She always knows where to find her needs easily and quickly! 

Other brands with the “BFF” personality type are Nordstrom and Starbucks. What core similarities do you see between these brands and Target?

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