Brilliant Case Study



Whether you’re looking for an easy summer read or a textbook to cram with, you probably head to Barnes & Noble whenever you’re in need of a book. The company boasts the largest number of retail book outlets in the US and also sells magazines, music, board games, stationery, and more.

So how does Barnes & Noble balance between nerdy and totally cool? Here are a few ways the company remains the definition of “the brilliant.”

  • Barnes & Noble is the proud producer of the Nook, an e-reader that allows consumers to take their favorite content with them anywhere.
  • Many Barnes & Noble locations are paired with an in-store Starbucks cafe. These cafes offer customers a cozy place to settle in and study, read, or indulge in conversation while they enjoy a tasty beverage or snack.
  • Larger Barnes & Noble locations host events that encourage reading, learning, and networking. Some of these events include author signings, writing groups, and children’s storytimes.
  • The company offers nearly every type of reading material imaginable, from contemporary fiction, poetry, and historical nonfiction, to LSAT study materials and books in other languages.
  • For those who are particularly committed to reading, Barnes & Noble offers a special membership that saves readers 10-40 percent and grants them free express shipping on all online orders. 
  • The inside of every Barnes & Noble location is mildly decorated and kept quiet, making it an ideal space to learn.


Other figures with the “brilliant” personality type are Adobe and Quora. What core similarities do you see between these names and Barnes & Noble?

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