Quick Branding Tips

Hello! If you’re reading this or just checking this article for a quick reference then you are looking for the right way to start branding. You wanted to start a brand, however, you find it a little bit hard, well let me tell you this: You can do it! You can start a brand of your own! You are more capable than you think you are!

Since you are here, I will help you with the tips that you can use to start your brand, we will walk through it together.

This article will serve as baby steps on starting a brand.

This article will be quick, easy, and surely effective.

Let’s start!

Use a WWHW Method:

Quick Branding TipsYou might be wondering what the heck is WWHW Method. WWHW stands for Why, Who, How, Which.

First of all the “Why”, before you start a brand, always ask yourself a simple yet a big help upon starting a brand “Why do I want to start a brand?”. Why do you want to start a brand for yourself or for your business? What is the main goal of your brand? What do you want your brand to accomplish?

You can also take a brand personality test if you don’t know your brand personality.

Next “W” stands for the “Who”, simple as this, know your customer or audience. What are the things that need to be considered in knowing your “Who” or your target market?

*Determine their age – What age are you most rooting for? What age are you planning to cater to?

*Determine their gender – Are you planning to cater or focus on the women or men or in the non-binary audience?

*Determine their lifestyle – What do they want to do with their free time? Leisure, work, read, or eat?

Next is the “H” or the “How”, how are you going to reach your audience or customers? What are the visual tools that you will be using to reach them?

*Are you going to attract them by using wonderful words, inspirational quotes, impactful taglines?

*How about the visual presentation? Are you planning to use beautiful photos, memes, gifs, vines, or 1-second videos?

Last but definitely not least is the “Which”, which tool are you going to use to reach your audience?

*You can use an open-source and free website software such as to help you create a website.

*You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest since these social media platforms offer a free way to present your brand, although you have to commit your time to social media so that you will present your brand consistently?

Building a brand will going to be a long-term project, you have to commit yourself to it, and you always need to remember your “Why”, “Who”, “How”, and “Which”

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laptop, flowers, notes and phone on table

Now that you know the WWHW Method, we’ll now go to the next step. You need to know brand awareness, what is brand awareness? Don’t think too much; Brand awareness is basic awareness of a brand? Knowing that your brand exists, and what your brand does. Now the question is how will you go to make people or audiences that your brand exists? Some companies use social media platforms to promote their brand, to make their brand known, you can also use messaging, and ads.

1. Be different

be different

What make’s you different from other brands? What can you offer to your audience that the other brands can’t? Study the market demands, study your competitors, and brainstorm. Gather all the references that you can use, and from there you can think about how will you differentiate your brand from the others.

2. Be consistent with your brand

be consistent with your brand

This means that whatever appears in your site, make sure that it is harmonized or uniformed with the other channel that you’re using to promote your brand. For example here in Orange & Bergamot, we are committed on helping small entrepreneurs to create their brand, but we’re also committed to helping girls and women build their brands since this is our brand, we always made sure that what we promote on our site is also what we promote in our social media accounts.

3. Be a positive brand

be a positive brand

Be the positive thing in this world of negativity. You can promote your brand by using positive words in social media platforms, have a beautiful color pallet, text fonts, and images on your site.

4. Have a Bio Page

have a bio page

You have a bio on your social media platforms, right? However, you also notice that those bios are limited and that means you might promote brand awareness well in those short bios. So having an “About us”, “Our Story”, “Who we are” page on your site will be a big help with your brand awareness.

5. Promote your Brand name, logo, and URL

Promote your Brand name, logo, and URL

In this article you might notice the words “Social Media Platforms” many times, that’s because, these days, people rely on social media most of the time. You can use social media to promote your brand, but you need to remember to always check if the brand name has been used or taken on Instagram by other people or company, or if the URL is already taken. It will be hard for the audience to see your brand if there are many names / URLs that are the same as yours, this means it will be hard to acquire brand awareness. Remember that you want to be visible all the time to your audience.

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