Original Case Study



Have you ever purchased something vintage or handmade on The online marketplace has become a hub for creatives over the past several years, not to mention the perfect place for people to buy custom jewelry, unique wedding gifts, and more. You can find just about anything with a special twist on Etsy. 

Still don’t see why we consider Etsy to be one of the top “originals”? Get this. 

  • Etsy was made specifically for “unique and creative goods.” You’d be hard-pressed to find cookie-cutter, mass-produced stuff on Etsy. Instead, most goods are handmade or even custom ordered.
  • Etsy was also created to help artists build their businesses. Artists who previously only sold at flea markets now have a virtual spot to showcase and sell their work. Some have even been able to quit their day jobs and make art full-time. 
  • The website divvies up its goods not only by their literal categories (“wall hangings,” “sweaters,” “books”) but also by quirky lists (“for her this Mother’s Day,” “pugs,” “Gemini”). 
  • Etsy includes forums for sellers. This means artists can chat with one another online about topics like their stores or general creativity. 
  • Etsy has its own blog, “Etsy Journal,” which watches for seasonal trends and features individual shops. It also offers some behind-the-scenes looks at Etsy’s headquarters. 

Other figures with the “original” personality type are Instagram and Marie Claire. What core similarities do you see between these names and Etsy?

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